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Rakuten RapidAPI’s mission is to be the Developers’ single interface to find, connect to, and consume APIs from all over the world. We’re well on our way there with 500,000 (and growing!) active Developers consuming 8000+ APIs on our platform today. Whether you’re a Developer or API Provider, we can help make you successful. Join us today!

Rakuten RapidAPI Service Page

API marketplace

API Provider

API Provider

We help our API provider partners reach our global community of 500,000 active Developers via their own Portal. Customize your API portal with basic information, API documentation, and pricing structures that best fits your needs. Monitor performance and usage from your own dashboard. At the end of every month, we’ll process transactions for you and take care of payment to you with no fixed or listing fees.

Benefits for API Providers

Reach a global community of Developers

  • Discoverability

    • Used by a rapidly growing Developer population around the world.
    • Category and get ranked based on usage.
  • Monetisation

    • Price your APIs based on your needs. We support free, freemium, and paid (suscription/usage based) pricing models.
    • We take care of billing and collections for you. Sit back and we’ll send you your share.
  • Community

    • Reach our community of 500,000 (and growing!) active Developers around the world.
    • Reach Fortune 500 clients via our enterprise deployments.
  • Management

    • Engage with developers via your own API portal and built-in support channel.
    • Monitor your API’s usage, performance and monetisation via your own dashboard.



We’ve brought together a best-in-class API lineup in one place. Consume APIs from Microsoft, SendGrid, Nexmo, SkyScanner and many more at the same prices as going direct to the source. One SDK handles for key management is all it takes. Test and connect to any API, sign up for a plan, and monitor performance and usage from your own dashboard. Put a credit card on file and code away. We’ll take care of payments so you don’t have to.

Benefits for Developers

The one place you need to turn to when you need an API

  • Discover

    • Best-in-class selection of 8000+ APIs and growing.
    • Exclusive APIs not available elsewhere.
  • Consume

    • Test & connect to any API in our selection from a built-in test window.
    • One SDK handles key management so you don’t have to
  • Pay

    • Clear, transparent API pricing structures and no other fixed fees.
    • Pay a single bill each month. We take care of settlement for you.
  • Monitor

    • Monitor API usage, performance, cost in one place.



Featured by Nikkei xTech for Rakuten RapidAPI on July,13, 2018
Speaking at 「Developers Summit 2018 Summer」
Rakuten signs exclusive strategic partnership with RapidAPI to launch an API Marketplace for Japan and Asia Pacific

Service Page

Rakuten RapidAPI Service Page