What is RapidAPI for Teams

RapidAPI for Teams is a place for you to publish, share and collaborate on internal APIs and microservices.


For Internal APIs

  • Design & Publish APIs - use RapidAPI to design API documentation & share it internally with a live API testing tool & code snippet generator
  • Secure APIs With Sharing & Access Control - use RapidAPI to define which Teams have access to APIs, or approve access on a case-by-case basis
  • Open API & CI/CD Integration - integrate RapidAPI into the development flow by uploading APIs with OpenAPI (Swagger) specs, and updating them from CI/CD flow
  • Unlimited APIs, Unlimited Teams - every RapidAPI subscription comes with unlimited APIs, unlimited API calls and unlimited API Teams

For External APIs

Not only can you utilize RapidAPI for Teams to manage all of your internal APIs, but you can also use it to manage your external APIs too.

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Consuming Third-Party APIs

With over 10,000+ APIs currently available on RapidAPI, you can start managing your Teams’ third-party API consumption through a single portal. Gone are the days of keeping track of which subscriptions your Team has and keeping track of analytics in separate developer dashboards.

RapidAPI for Teams allows you to set up a single billing profile for your Organization and manage all of your API subscriptions from a single dashboard.

Publishing Your Teams APIs

In the same way that you can have multiple accounts manage your internal APIs, RapidAPI for Teams enables you to have multiple users managing your public APIs too.

Read more at https://blog.rapidapi.com/series-b-launching-rapidapi-for-teams/