Private APIs & API Logo

Adding a Logo to Rakuten RapidAPI

All logos updated on Mashape will appear in Rakuten RapidAPI. If you want your API’s logo to show up on Rakuten RapidAPI, log in to the Mashape dashboard and upload one. Navigate to your API’s page and click the “Upload Logo” button in the top right corner.

Private APIs

Within the Rakuten RapidAPI platform you can create private, or internal APIs. By default all newly added APIs on Rakuten RapidAPI are private. This is perfect for companies or individuals that do not want their API in a public environment.

Rakuten RapidAPI is a great solution for teams that require a sandbox or the ability to offer keys to select clients. Another option is to develop and test your private API in a secure location.

If and when you’re ready to make your API public, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the Mashape Marketplace
  2. Navigate to your API’s administration settings (Analytics and Settings, right hand side)
  3. Select General from the left menu
  4. Hit the Visibility switch.

If your API’s description, logo and name are well defined, your API will be available in the marketplace.

Inviting Users to Consume Your API

When an API is private, there is no way for developers to know about its existence. To invite friends or collaborators to test, consume or investigate your API we have created the invite functionality.

To invite a user to consume your private API, the user needs to be registered on the Mashape Marketplace.

These are the steps to invite a user to your private API on Rakuten RapidAPI:

  1. Log in to the Mashape Marketplace
  2. Navigate to your Private API
  3. Click the Analytics and Settings button (right hand side)
  4. Hit the Invite developers option from the menu on the left
  5. In the popout modal: Enter the nickname of the user, search, confirm and invite

If you added someone by mistake, or you want to remove a user to have access to your API you can remove it by clicking the Developers option from the menu on the left, find the user, click the down-pointing arrow and choose “Block Developer”

That’s it, job done!