Payouts and Finance

Rakuten RapidAPI’s processes around API vendor payouts and invoicing

When a developer subscribes to your API or incurs an overage, you as an API vendor will receive payment.

Rakuten RapidAPI’s Marketplace Fee

Rakuten RapidAPI takes a flat 20% marketplace fee on all payments made through the marketplace. For example, if you price an API subscription plan at $10, you will receive $8 from Rakuten RapidAPI if a developer purchases your plan. This marketplace fee covers payment processing, site infrastructure, and administrative fees. This marketplace fee does not cover the fees associated with payouts processed through PayPal.

How payouts work

A developer’s credit card is immediately charged after one of three instances:

  1. A developer subscribes to an API plan for the first time
  2. A developer is billed recurringly every month for their API subscription
  3. A developer incurs an overage on an API

After this charge occurs, Rakuten RapidAPI has a thirty day period in which to collect the payment. After the thirty day period occurs, Rakuten RapidAPI will issue the payment (with the marketplace fee removed) via PayPal to the vendor. In this example, if a developer subscribes to your API’s PRO plan on January 1st, 2017 for $10.00, you will receive $8.00 sometime in early February.

Currently, Rakuten RapidAPI processes payments individually. For example, if your API receives three subscribers on different days in March, you will receive three separate payments throughout April. If the payment amount is less than $2.00, you may receive it paired with another payment.

Monthly lump sum payments

If your API generates over $10,000 monthly, you are eligible to receive your payments in a lump sum on a monthly basis via wire transfer. Contact if this is how you would refer to receive payments.

Adding your PayPal account information

Rakuten RapidAPI currently only pays out API vendors via PayPal. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate other pay out methods. Each payout on PayPal will include the name of the user, the name of the API plan the user has subscribed to, and the name of the API marketplace.

Here’s how to add your PayPal information to the system:

  1. Log in to Provider Dashboard and visit your Payment Settings page.

  2. Click the “Login with PayPal to add your account” tab and add your PayPal email address.

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You can change your PayPal email address from this location at any time.

Adding a PayPal email address

If you do not add a PayPal address to your account, there is unfortunately no way for us to send you money! We will attempt to email you at least three times to add an email if a payment is generated and no address is found (or the address is invalid). Please be sure to fill out this information and keep it up to date so that we can send your payments.

Forgiveness, fraud and failed payments

Very occasionally, there will be an issue where a developer fails to make a payment for their API usage. These tend to fall into four categories:

  1. Forgiveness request
  2. Fraudulent or disputed charges
  3. Failed payment
  4. Rakuten RapidAPI error

Forgiveness request

Sometimes, a developer may have a bug in the system or inadvertently generate a large overage. In these instances, he or she may reach out to us or you (the API vendor) to ask for the overage fee to be waived. As a marketplace, we cannot and will not refund any overage without your explicit permission. We leave these instances to your discretion as an API vendor and fellow developer.

Fraudulent or disputed charges

At Rakuten RapidAPI, we have a number of anti-fraud systems. However, in rare instances, fraudulent charges occur. These charges are often suspicious (ex. buying a high tier subscription plan, but making very few calls) and tend to be obvious after they occur. While we will do our best to avoid fraudulent charges in the first place and to catch any fraudulent charges quickly, we may not be able to reimburse a fraudulent or disputed charge. In this instance, we will keep in touch with you via email and remove the user from the marketplace so that no further charges occur. If you have suspicions of fraudulent behavior from one of your users, please contact and we will investigate.

Failed payments

A developer may make a charge that he or she is unable to pay. Our system will make three attempts to collect a payment before stopping. As a team, we are diligent in communicating with these developers. We will alert you if there is a situation where a developer has failed to pay for his or her API usage and work together to come to a solution.

Rakuten RapidAPI error

If there is an error on our side that is causing a payment issue, we are more than happy to dig deeper and come to a fair resolution.

Blocking from use

If you detect abuse, you can block a developer from accessing your API using the Mashape dashboard. An email notification will be sent to the developer. RapidAPI may block a user in case of a violation of our terms of use.

Temporary suspension

If we notice suspicious activity or high overages from new developers, we may temporarily block the developer to further investigate.

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Invoices and custom documents

We can generate custom invoices for you or your developers per request (see the Invoices section). W9 forms are also available upon request to