Organization Settings

The Organization Settings tab is the place to update or change your Organization information. You can also delete the Organization from this tab.

Edit Your Organization

The Edit Your Organization section allows you to edit the information you initially provided at signup. This includes the Organization name, logo, description, billing email and the number of Organization seats. You can also edit the billing information, which is used to pay for all subscriptions within your Organization.

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Payment Settings

The Payment Settings section allows you to add a payout preference. Currently, our payment system only supports payouts through PayPal. Adding a PayPal account is only necessary if you publish freemium or paid APIs for public consumption as an Organization.

Payout Preference

A payout preference is a payment you receive for any published APIs. This account is different from the billing information you provided during signup because it is used for incoming payments, not outgoing charges. For more information about payouts, check out the Payouts & Financing Docs

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Danger Zone

The Danger Zone allows you to delete the Organization.

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Delete Organization

If you delete the Organization, all of the Teams, all Team created apps and Team created APIs will be deleted permanently.