Getting Started

How to add an API to Rakuten RapidAPI

This guide will walk you through the easy process of adding your API to Rakuten RapidAPI by using the Provider Dashboard. Exposing your API to hundreds of thousands of developers in a matter of minutes! If you don’t haev an account with Rakuten RapidAPI yet, you can create an account from here. The Rakuten RapidAPI Provider Dashboard which you will be able to login with the same email and password as Rakuten RapidAPI, is our main hub for adding APIs.

To add an API click Add New API on the left-hand side of the dashboard

alt text

The first screen that will appear is where you’ll define the name of your API, a short description that appears in search, and the category your API will be included under.

Best Practices for Naming Your API

  • Choose a name that is easily discoverable and descriptive
  • Capitalize the API’s name
  • Remove API from the name

alt text

After clicking ‘Add API’, the next page that you will see is the API overview definition. This is where you can add in more detailed information such as a longer description that appears on the API listing, a website URL, terms of use, and a logo for your API.

alt text

What’s Next

The next step is to begin the process of Documenting your API.