Getting Started

Rakuten RapidAPI is also a marketplace where you can advertise and distribute your API for the whole world to consume!

How to add an API to Rakuten RapidAPI

Let’s see how we can add an API quickly and easily to Rakuten RapidAPI. Expose your API to hundreds of thousands of developers in a matter of minutes! The Mashape Marketplace is our main hub for adding APIs to Rakuten RapidAPI.

If you don’t have Rakuten RapidAPI account, go ahead an create an account on the Mashape Marketplace. You’ll be directed to the dashboard. To add an API click My APIs then hit the green button Add another API

alt text

The first screen that will appear is where you’ll define both your Base URL and the name of your API.

Swagger 1.2 File Import:

If you already have a swagger file for your API documentation, we currently support swagger 1.2 file upload.

alt text

Next thing you want to do is click “Analytics & Settings” on the right hand side of the top menu, then click the “General” tab on the left hand side menu. You will be presented with the following fields, make sure to complete them:

alt text

Finally, you need to upload a logo - make sure it’s truly a beautiful piece of art since that’s what developers from all over the world will see in the search results! Click the “Upload Logo” button in the top left-hand corner or your API’s page.

If you didn’t use the Swagger file upload, the next step is to begin the process of Documenting an API