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Rakuten RapidAPI and Mashape Marketplace Merger News

This FAQ is specifically for the Rakuten RapidAPI and Mashape marketplace merger news. If you have additional questions, visit our docs or reach out to us directly at support-rakuten-rapidapi@mail.rakuten.com.


What’s going on?

The Mashape API marketplace is merging into RapidAPI. United, we will become the world’s largest API marketplace with 8,000+ APIs and 500,000+ developers. You can use your Mashape or Rakuten RapidAPI logins to access your account on either site. All APIs on Mashape are now also on RapidAPI and any apps, subscriptions, and analytics are also on Rakuten RapidAPI.

I’ve subscribed to APIs on the Mashape marketplace. Will this affect my app?

It will not! Your app will not be affected and you will not need to change any of your code.

What is Rakuten RapidAPI?

Rakuten RapidAPI is also an API marketplace. It lets you find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs quickly and in the browser. All APIs on Mashape’s API marketplace are now also on Rakuten RapidAPI. Log in to Rakuten RapidAPI with your Mashape account’s primary email and password to see your projects and analytics in the new API dashboard.

Where is all my information on market.mashape.com?

All information on market.mashape.com is still there. That includes projects, analytics, subscribers, and billing information. However, it is also available on Rakuten RapidAPI through new and improved dashboards that we are constantly updating and improving! Visit Rakuten RapidAPI to check out the new marketplace and explore even more APIs (ex. Slack, Facebook, Spotify).

Can I still use market.mashape.com?

Yes, you can! However, we’d love to see what you think of the new Rakuten RapidAPI marketplace. You can use websites with the same account. Login to Rakuten RapidAPI with your Mashape marketplace primary email and password, then let us know what you think!

I have a question. Where can I reach you?

We have answers! Visit our docs, general FAQs or reach out to us directly at support-rakuten-rapidapi@mail.rakuten.com.

Rakuten RapidAPI is missing a feature that we have on Mashape.

We are still adding new features to Rakuten RapidAPI, but we are always looking for feedback. Let us know what you think!

Where do I give suggestions for Rakuten RapidAPI?

We’d love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions might affect our product roadmap for the future, so don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions or feedback! Drop us a line at support-rakuten-rapidapi@mail.rakuten.com.

How will this affect Kong, Gelato, and other Mashape products?

Good question! It will not affect other Mashape products. For any questions about Mashape products other than the API marketplace, email support@mashape.com.


I cannot see my early Mashape app analytics on Rakuten RapidAPI.

You will only be able to see your app analytics on the Rakuten RapidAPI dashboard from May 15th, 2017 on. However, all data is still stored and visible on the Mashape API marketplace.


How do I add my API to this marketplace?

You can add your API to both Rakuten RapidAPI and the Mashape API marketplace from the Mashape Marketplace portal. Visit our Adding & Managing APIs - Getting Started docs for more information.

I have my API listed on the Mashape marketplace. How does this affect me?

Your API will now be listed on Rakuten RapidAPI as well as the Mashape marketplace, which means it will be exposed to a larger audience of developers. You will not have to make any changes to your API nor do anything for this process to occur.

Will my Mashape API also be listed on Rakuten RapidAPI?

It sure will! Combined, these marketplaces have an audience of 500,000 developers, so be prepared for more eyes on your API.

How do I edit and manage my API from Rakuten RapidAPI?

Currently, we are in the process of replicating this functionality to Rakuten RapidAPI. For now, go to your Mashape dashboard at market.mashape.com to manage and edit your API. Changes made on Mashape will be reflected on both Rakuten RapidAPI and the Mashape marketplace.